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Some of Our Projects

Our projects vary from delivering straightforward off-the-shelf solutions all the way to comprehensive and customized solutions that include advance integration with both other hardware and software. Below are some examples of the type of and range of projects we have delivered. 


CapitaGreen is a new top of the line building in CBD with high requirements on ease of use and smooth visitor flows with a minimum of queue ups. To meet these requirements we delivered a comprehensive VMS solution catering to several points of entry, a self-service kiosk which required intimate integration with turnstiles thus providing a seamless solution that significantly facilitate visitor flows and provide an exceptional user experience in this new hallmark building from CapitaLand.

The system is able to differentiate between visitors; sending first-time visitors to the reception while repeat visitors are able to register at the kiosk by an easy read of the barcode on their ID. The system is also be able to track and register visitors entering at different entry-points. With hardware able to read a wide range of IDs, including international passports, the registration process is quick and smooth and for added security a picture of the visitor is taken, stored and associated with his visiting details.

Upon a successful registration our integration with turnstiles means the relevant information is sent to them and as the visitor scans his barcode ID at the turnstiles he will be given the appropriate access.

Capital Tower

For Capital Tower we have delivered a system able to handle significant visitor flows, cutting down on the time spent on registering visitors and the workload on staff. Today, with three Kiosks repeat visitors can quickly register themselves. Visitors without Singapore identification can scan their passport and others can use Singapore IC, WP or driving license. Upon registration, HID cards will be issued and tagged to the visitor. These cards are subsequently used for access through the turnstiles. Upon exit a dropbox will automatically read the returned cards and scan out the visitor. 


With high requirements on facility security DHL looked to Fanfil to provide a solution that would not only faciilitate the registration process for visitors but also kept tabs of these visitors and helped close any potential loopholes. A customised VMS that was integrated with DHL's existing access systems was developed. On the hardware front, kiosks and several terminals were set up. On the software front the VMS solution provided to DHL includes a host function, requiring any visitor to be assigned to a host. With the SMS module added the host will upon visitor registration receive both an SMS and email notification. As DHL opted for the document scanning module each visitor's identification (passport, IC or equivalent) and combined with the web camera module a picture of the visitor and his/hers ID is saved and tagged to the visitor.

For added security the host will have to verify the information submitted by the visitor after which an access card will be dispensed to the visitor and the relevant access information is sent to the existing access system giving the visitor access to allowed areas. 

Upon exiting the visitor will drop his access card in a drop box which will trigger the turnstiles to open and the VMS will get access to the exit information. 

Additional functions include keeping track of visitors that have not been registered as exiting within a certain time frame after which a notification will be sent to the relevant host.

Mapletree Business City

One of our ongoing projects is for Mapletree Business City (MBC) where we are delivering a VMS system in different phases. The system will cover several blocks and includes Kiosk setups as well as reception terminal and a server. To speed up first-time registration an OCR module will be available at the reception. The Kiosks will be available to use for repeat visitors so as to decrease the pressure on the reception. A simple scan of the barcode will result in the auto-fill-in of the relevant fields for the visitor and then require a quick confirmation, making the registration process a quick business. Upon finished registration a visitor label will be printed and issued by the kiosk while at the back-end the relevant information will be sent to the access system with which the VMS has integrated. 

In one of the blocks the VMS will integrate with the lifts, sharing the relevant information so that a lift will be sent to pick up the correct visitor upon his entry and give him access to the relevant floor/s. 

Sentosa Cove

The Sentosa Cove project was an extensive project that included several advanced applications as well as integration solutions. Pre-registered visitors to a resident at Sentosa Cove will be able to enter the island at a discount and the VMS system will keep track and give access to the vehicles as they drive from the island gantry to their designated entrance at Sentosa Cove. Our real-time License Plate Recognition (LPR) will read the plates of all visiting vehicles and provide access to those approved. 

Stamford American School

We are proud to have delivered the student pick-up management system for Stamford American International School (SAIS). This system greatly facilitates student pick-ups as it automatically registers when a family car enters the premises and proceeds to notify teacher and the relevant students at the pick-up point to get ready for pick-up, thus minimizing any waiting and queuing up for both parents and children.

Supreme Court of Singapore

For Singapore's Supreme Court we have provided a stand-alone VMS system without customisations. At the reception the guest will register by scanning the barcode on his ID. For added security first-time visitors will also have an image taken of their ID. This image will be saved under their NRIC number, tagged to their identity, and showed in the application at subsequent visits. Upon a successful registration a sticker label will be printed out for the visitor to wear. 

Public Utility Board (PUB)

Our project for PUB presently covers three sites and a range of customisations. The final solution incorporates a VMS system that fully integrates with existing hardware and software at the various entry-points. Hand-held PDAs are provided for mobile scan-ins, facilitating registration of visitors away from the guard house. A web interface is provided for managing visitor flow and pre-registrations. 

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