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Fanfil Group

Fanfil Group lies in the forefront of technology, using biometrics, face recognition and other emerging technologies to implement stable and flexible Visitor Management Systems (VMS). Our systems increase security and help transform the traditional Lobby while facilitating visitor flows.

Our Services

Our Servuces

Our VMS software has been developed in-house and is able to cater to a wide variety of needs. For simple setups we provide an off-the-shelf solution while for larger and more complicated needs we provide customisations. We have the know-how and experience not only to integrate with other systems as necessary but also to advise on, and implement, the most productive solutions for each situation. 


Where security is a priority additional confirmation on identity may be required. Fanfil VMS has the option to integrate fingerprint recognition where each visitor/contractor will scan their fingerprints upon registering and only gain access when a match has been found. The system can be deployed both as a desktop and mobile solution.


For larger and more complex implementations, VMS integration with existing hardware and software, while not required, is certainly recommended to enhance the functioning of the system. The capability to do such integration is thus vital. Through a high number of projects Fanfil's software team has experience from integrating with a variety of hardware and software products. 

License Plate Recognition

Fanfil Group has developed an advanced License Plate Recognition system (LPR) that in real-time is able to identify the number plates on cars and read the license plate number. This is then automatically tagged to a visitor together with a cropped out photo of the license plate for auditing purposes. 


One shoe doesn't fit all. We know. But with a local presence and our own proprietary software we have the ability to customise the system to your needs. And with our extensive experience we are able to advise on the best solutions for any given situation. Sometimes less is more. For us, advising is as an important part as the actual implementation of the customisation itself. 


Fanfil Group's R&D department has been hard at work to develop a highly accurate and quick Face Recognition and Face Verification application. We are able to achieve near human accuracy by using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning (deep neural network) techniques. And, it's so efficient it can be deployed with ordinary off the shelf hardware.


Ready to find out more?

A Visitor Management System (VMS) is about more than facilitating the registration of visitors. A good VMS is not only about the software but also about the implementation and finding a solution that is often unique to each client. Fanfil Group has the experience to advice on the most efficient work flow for a range of different locations as well as the expertise to integrate with existing hardware (turnstiles, lifts etc) and software (Access Systems etc). Being a local company lets us put significant focus on the requirement gathering phase of any project where we can advise and at an early stage make clear the clients expectations. This helps smooth the development phase and deliver a product in line with the client's expectations. 

With a deep customer portfolio and a significant number of large projects under our belt you can rest assured that Fanfil has the experience to advice and deliver on everything from standard installations to highly customised ones. And our local Singapore office means our service people are only a phone call or an email away. 

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