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Visitor Management System


Our Visitor Management System has been designed from the ground up in-house. This fact gives us the flexibility and know-how to provide highly customised solutions and swift servicing if needed. Our off-the shelf product is at the forefront of technology, and will serve to significantly improve visitor flow and control over visitor data. We have put in extensive development work on our administration module and combined with close to two decades of experience in the market we have made our VMS system one of the most flexible in the market, able to cater to a range of varying requirements.

You can opt to buy our VMS system as a license only (provide your own hardware) or purchase a ready-to-go package that will be set up, delivered and configured as per your specifications.

Naturally, we realize that no matter how flexible a system is it is impossible to allow for all requirements and circumstances. For those requirements that do fall outside the norm our team of programmers have extensive experience in developing and implementing the necessary system adjustments and they will be happy to discuss requirements and solutions with you.


Barcode Scanning

Although not a mandatory component to our VMS package we consider barcode scanning integral and would recommend all clients to opt to include it. The usage is quick, straightforward and the scanning will quickly bring down the time necessary to register a client as well as minimize the chances of user errors.



Pre-registration can greatly speed up the registration process and is particularly popular in buildings with a high number of daily visitors where the functions serves to minimize the risk for queuing. The process of pre-registering is easy and straight forward and can be done in bulk or for single visitors.


Notifications (email & SMS)

Our notifications module is popular with buildings that hold a higher security standard and prioritize an improved experience for the visitor. As a visitor registers the system will send out an SMS or email notifying the receiving party of the arrival as well as any other pre-configured or relevant information.


Passport & ID scanning

For extra security and convenience we also offer the possibility to scan and read passports and to scan IDs. The information/scanned image is saved by the system and tagged to the visitor for convenient subsequent retrieval if necessary, thus providing an extra layer of security for the client.  


OCR functionality

As a complement to ID scanning we offer OCR functionality able to copy, interpret and insert the relevant information from the ID and into the system. this serves to further speed up the registration process in cases where pre-registration has not taken place. 


For high security implementations we offer a biometric module where the identity of a visitor/contractor can be identified/verified by his fingerprint. This solution is offered both as a desktop and mobile solution.

Face Recognition

Our Face Recognition software uses state of the art neural networks and deep learning resulting in an accuracy that rivals human recognition. The software is powerful enough to achieve this with off-the-shelf hardware thus keeping the cost of the system down as well as facilitating maintenance.

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